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Traditional countryside skills, management & solutions

Scything tuition

We are based in the Peak District and can offer:

SCYTHING Lessons and Instruction

If you are a beginner or improver I can offer you three choices from a 1/2 day Introduction to a 2 day ‘Get going, stay sharp’ courses.

2017 Dates: Call direct to book: 07725041946

I was taught to scythe in 1986 and have used this wonderful tool on my croft in the Hebrides to now being based in the Peak District and Midlands region as SABI coordinator. I also offer individual or group tuition throughout the country.

  • ‘Way of the scythe’ April 23, July 23, Cwm Farm, Forden, Welshpool
  • ‘Way of the scythe’ May 21, Sept 3, Sharpecliffe Hall, Ipstones
  • Peening day 22 October Cwm Farm, Forden, Welshpool

‘Way of the Scythe’ scything courses for 2017. Costs remain the same as last year!

1/2 day Introduction:
£25 per person

Basic knowledge of scythe set up
What to use/when/where /when
Using the scythe safely and efficiently

2 day Get going and Staying sharp
£75 per person

All the 1 day plus
Even more practice and improving style
How to sharpen and introduction to ‘peening’ (cold forging your blade) and honing.

1 day Get going with your scythe
£40 per person. All the 1/2 day and
Plenty of one-to-one tuition/ practice
What type of blade for which job
Understanding types of needs and requirements (are you an allotment user, small orchard owner, just need to weed whack or cut your lawn in an eco friendly way?).

Make your own peening pony and peening day
This day will get you going with peening skills as well as creating your own ‘pony’ to take away with you. Materials and tuition included. Jigs/Anvils available to buy on the day. £40 per person. (images below)

This is, like all my courses, practical so be prepared for outdoor activity! Study sensible footwear, waterproof coat and sun hat. I can provide all scythes and equipment needed. Tea/Coffee and biscuits provided. Please bring a pack up lunch.

SCYTHE sales

We now sell Austrian Scythes and associated kit. All Snaths come pre oiled and if you collect you will received a free 1 hour ‘set up and how to’ lesson. Please contact us for prices.


I can come and scythe and clear your ground, mow your lawn/orchard/meadow/paths/woodland trails/towpath/amenity area. Scything is a safe, non polluting Eco and human friendly way of weed/grass management.

Rates are by arrangement.

Want to run your woodland in a eco friendly low impact way?

We can enable this to happen from supplying a management plan through to using hand tools and sharing knowledge and practice on coppicing and invasive species management such as rhododendron without poisoning and damaging the nature. It may take a little longer but it is far more rewarding, quiet and friendly to you fragile woodland ecosystem and long term biodiversity. I can also teach you how to get a really good edge on your axe!

Risk assessments/Management plans/Bird surveys

We offer all of these and more. We have experience of writing and presenting relevant documents for business use, funding or just for your own knowledge and what makes your landscape ticks!

Education for Sustainability

We have been involved teaching for over thirty years visiting schools, running eco/adventure camps, and offering support and advice to all levels from primary through to university levels.

If you are interested in any of the above please do not hesitate to call or email.

Telephone 07725041946

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